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Welcome to Ternate City

Tour on this the will begin with

I. Visit the spice farm in Air tege-tege Village, walking the village surrounding cloves and nutmeg trees, smell and taste spices, learn how they are farmed and used.Taste the local snack and buy fresh spice, very exciting!!! and the participants canobserve the oldest cloves tree in the world (200 years old)

II. Visit to oranje fortress. This fort was built bye Cornelies de Joung on May 26,1607 serves as an office and warehouse of nutmeg and cloves, the physical structure of this building is still original

III. Visit the Kedaton Sultan Ternate to explore and observe the rich history of Ternate Sultanate, walking around the Kedaton to observe the relics of golden age and see the panaroma of Ternate city.

IV. From The beautifull house the tour moving to Top of Ngade lagoon to see the beautiful scenery

V. Check-in hotel

VI. Lunch

VII. . Moving to Alfred Rusell Wallace House to see the history about the Famous Naturalist which was observe the North Maluku plants and animal in past time. And see the room when the man wrote letter to Darwin about the evolution Theory..

VIII. Visit The Ternate Heritage building

IX. Visit the Local Market

X. Back to Hotel take rest

XI. Dinner dan see you tomorrow

Tour participant already in the hotel Lobby at 08:00
Tour Participants start the visit in first destination on second day in North Maluku Tour


I. Visit Kalamata Fortress (Santa Lucia). Santa Lucia is one of the scout fort was built in 1540 by the Portugues nation.The function of this fortress to monitor the movement of spanish from Tidore

II. Visit to Kota Janji Fortress (Santo Pedro) Kota Janji Fortress also as scountsfort built by portuguse to monitor the movement of enemy from south.In this castle is also an event occured that was never forgotten by the people of kingdom of Ternate. It is a peace treaty betwen Sultan Khairun represent the kingdom of Ternate with one of the Portugese Governor as represent the Portuguese nation

III. Visit the Ternate Batik Factory

IV. Visit the Rp.1000 picture taken (Photo stop )

V. Visit the Kastela Fortress. Kastela fortress is the one of the largest Portugese fort in the territory of Sultan of Ternate and the place of Sultan Khairun killed

VI. Lunch

VII. Visit to Big Tolire lake (Photo stop)

VIII. Visit to Small tolire lake ( Photo stop)

IX. Snorkel Jikomalamo beach

X. Visit to Batu Angus ( Larva flows ). Which is a clot larva from a erruption of month Gamalama 1673, before eruption in this place is also stand a Portuguese fortres called Kota Bebe fortress. In the Wolrd War II it bacame the location of the battle betwen Japanesew soldier and allies America

XI. Dinner

XII. Back to hotel

Tour Participants already be in Hotel lobby at 08:00
Tour Participants begin the journey from the hotel to Bastiong port
Using the speedboat to rech Tidore
Arrive Tidore to start the Journey


I. Visit to Magellan expedition monument. This monument show that expedition of two ships arrive Tidore led Sebastian de Elcano.Elcano replace Ferdinand Magellan killed in Philipines and this expedition called THE FIRST EXPLORATION ARROUND THE WORLD

II. Visit the Toloa Blacksmith saw firsthand how making various kinds of iron tool. Toloa village is one of the Villages on the island where the island is the only village in North Maluku dubbed blacksmith village. At time of the occupation of the nation by Europe in four sultanate in North Maluku all instruments of war in production in this area

III. Visit to Tahula Castle (Spain) one function of the fort was built to monitor the movement of the Dutch who want to attack Tidore through Halmahera

IV. Visit the Tidore Sultanate Palace. The Sultanate Palace is the building of third movement. Of this time from this palace we can see to spanish fort that seem flanking or keep Kedaton Sultan of Tidore. This fort was also built by Spanish same periode with Tahula fort and the function as monitor fortress

V. Visit Torre fort, This fort was also built by Spanish same periode with Tahula fort and the function as monitor fortress

VI. Lunch

VII. Visit to indigenous Gurabunga Villages. All the way to Gurabunga we can see witness the clove and nutmeg trees

VIII. Back To Ternate

IX. Last Dinner

X. Transfer out Bandara

Thanks for your trust to us And see you next trip

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